I know you are curious about us.  OK.  You talked me into it.  I'll tell you almost all about us.

    I started cleaning my parents' pool when I was a teenager.  Dad decided I needed something to do.  Hey, I was a teenager.  I already had plenty to do.  In short, I learned how and cleaned the pool every week.  (No.  I didn't get paid.)

    After I finished school, I went to work for a pool construction company.  I had some really good ideas that would save the company money.  The "man" didn't appreciate my ideas and told me if I wanted to do "things" differently, I could just go do them.  I did.

    I started my pool repair business back in 1988.  My wife was teaching high school and keeping the pool company books.  It finally went from just repairing to repair and cleaning.  We had some really neat customers and some were really "off the wall".  I worked year around.  One year I had to break ice to get into the pool!  That was a bad winter.

    I retired two years ago and my wife and I decided to write this book.  We decided it was one way to help others help themselves.  We moved to outside of Austin and bought a "fixer-upper".  With "fix in 'er up", writing and 3 dogs, we have kept and are keeping busy.  Never a dull moment around here.  My wife, having so much time on her hands (between 2 and 4 in the mornings), decided that we should write a book on, guess what?  Yeah - Car Care.  It is written for "women, teenagers and mechanically challenged men".  It's good!  It will be available real soon.
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