I hate pages and pages of "testimonials".  Don't you?
Needless to say, these are some of my favorite customers.

John took care of my pool for 6 years.  He cleaned it every week and took care of the repairs.  When John told me he was going to be moving, he showed me the book and I bought it.  It has been a lifesaver.  The directions are so easy to understand.  Now I keep the pool as clean and sparkling as he did.  Thank you John.

A. Carter
Decatur, Tx

I heard about John and called him to see what he could do about the problems with my pool.  He fixed my pool and cleaned it.  When I asked him if he could clean it every week he said no and told me I could clean my own pool and save money.  I told him I was too old.  He said I was not too old to learn.  I bought his book and he was right!  I’ve learned how to clean and check for problems.  His book told me everything. It’s fun to read the stories.

Mrs. Etheridge
Giddings, TX

John’s pool book has made me want to clean and work on my pool.  His book covers everything you need to know and it has saved me a lot of money.

Carl Iris
Lewisville, TX

This book has been great!  I gave it to my teenage son and told him the pool is now his “job”.  He is doing a great job.

Anita Jeann

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